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 WLGS Update 

In 2019 we purchased a new computer and automation software that will help us improve our broadcast in several ways.  We are currently loading music in our new automation and should soon be able to retire our old system.  

If you would like to help in accomplishing these goals, please consider supporting our ministry through a one-time gift or through monthly or semimonthly donations. Please keep these projects in your prayers and if you are able to help support the wonderful radio ministry of WLGS, you can send a gift of any size to WLGS PO Box 646, Lake Villa, IL, 60046, go to the donation link on this Facebook page, or give online at: http://app.clovergive.com/cclv​

When thinking about the effectiveness of our radio ministry, one story is a favorite from 2019, as a listener told my daughter, “Tell your dad that your radio ministry saved a marriage, by having the right person listening, at the right time.”  What a blessing it is to serve our community in this way.       

As you might imagine, running a radio station is a large endeavor for a small church.  Therefore, we are asking that you might consider WLGS in your missionary support.  We believe that our current listeners and friends are more than adequate to completely fund our radio ministry.  If you are able to support WLGS with a one time or monthly gift, you can send your donation to: WLGS, P.O. Box 646, Lake Villa, IL 60046.  You can also donate through our church’s webpage at cclv.org/donate.  Don’t forget to mention WLGS in the memo.  As always, your support of our ministry, whether through your prayers, a financial gift, or both, is greatly appreciated.

Pastor John Pennell - Calvary Chapel of Lake Villa, WLGS radio, and The Cleansing Word.

Monday - Friday 5:00 AM to 9:30 AM


      WLGS Morning Drive 

     Each Monday - Friday

6-6:30 The Cleansing Word
    with Pastor John Pennell
7-7:30 A Daily Walk
    with Pastor John Randall
8-8:30 Day by Day
    with Pastor Phil Ballmaier
9-9:30 The Word For Today
    with the late
    Pastor Chuck Smith